Founded in Atlanta, US in 2003, SOJRN has combined the most advanced spinning, knitting and weaving technology and techniques with rigid quality control in the spirit of innovation and integrity.
Producing our own yarns using our patented technology enables us to develop brand new fabrics which will intrigue your customers just as silk intrigued the ancient peoples of Europe and Asia. Whether using bamboo, linen, silk, cashmere or superfine merino wool, SOJRN’s lifestyle, luxury knit and woven products provide the utmost comfort and quality.
As the world leading cashmere custom house, SOJRN sweaters and home products are all hand-loomed and hand-finished by artisans, whose skills have been handed down by generations of knitters. After eleven years experience in the cashmere business, and more than eight years in brand development in the US market, we take great pride in providing our customers unparalleled service, trendsetting designs, and impeccable craftsmanship. Our world level professional custom team will be ready to serve you, the honored SOJRN customers’ personal needs, with excellency.
We have always been putting our customers first!
We have been doing what we say!
We have been acting fast!
It’s your day today to have a custom cashmere product, with SOJRN, as we only make for you.